Create Taxonomy Archive for WooCommerce Product Attributes

When you setup your Woocommerce catalog, you assign each product with attribute, for example ‘Color’, ‘Size’,  Now, for example, in order to display an archive of aBlack products, you need to create a template file for your attribute in your theme folder. Copy woocommerce/templates/taxonomy-product_cat.php into your theme folder/woocommerce/ Rename the template file in your theme to […]

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How to Setup Conversion Tracking Pixel in WooCommerce

The Woocommerce Conversion Tracking plugin allows you to easily integrate any advertising campaigns, This plugin inserts Facebook, Google or any other tracking codes (mainly JavaScript) to WooCommerce cart, checkout success and after user registration, so you can track and create custom audiences. After installing these plugin, you can create conversion pixel and paste them in the settings (Woocommerce settings > integration) […]

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Integrate WooCommerce and Amazon Seller Account with WP-Lister

One of things I try to do more (and better) on my WooCommerce websites is to automate my work with external marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. I like to update things once and let the process begin.. Up until recently, I managed my WooCommerce store and my Amazon seller account separately, when I uploading products to Woocommerce, I created […]

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WooCommerce Drop Shipping

Do you run a WooCommerce store and you work with suppliers that provide a drop ship service? if yes, you probably spend a lot of time directing the order emails to your suppliers, this makes managing orders a frustrating process… Basically, when you receive the order email, you need to forward the email to the supplier […]

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How To premaritally Delete Old Taxonomies from WordPress

While working on a project to integrate Magento store to work with WooCommerce, one of the things to consider is the URL structure in WordPress that is different from Magneto. For example,  the shop categories and tags will always have the “/shop/” in their slug. I found that when you create a taxonomy and delete it, it’s not […]

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Why I Use ManageWP to Maintain my WordPress Sites

I am using ManageWP for the last year or so, it makes my life easier, I use their premium service, it’s totally worth the time I Save! So, Why ManageWP is so great? manageWP is a super-easy (5 min install+integration) dashboard where you can manage multiple WordPress sites. ManageWP allow you easy installs, updates and […]

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